tisdag 22 september 2009

Great grandparents and Help

The fusion of the scanned pictures did not work so well this time...
"Help! I'm being photographed" is of my daughter when she was 3 months old. She made these funny faces when the flash went of. I like the colour combination.
Cheris is of Tyra in my grandfather's arms and Tyra's father's grandmother's arms. Here I was inspired by Miss Muffin at Brunson's. I used left over papers and since I have a ton of chipboard decorations I tried to use a lot of that. I really like the colours here too.

fredag 11 september 2009

Magnolia in Borås

I have been in Borås for two days, attending an insurance course. I just had to go to Magnolia before I went home! Turned out they have finally moved into a larger store. Unfortunatelly this ment that they had sold a lot of stuff before moving and had not ordered the latest papers. The new store was not quite finished but there is a lot of light and space so I think it will be a great place to visit once they have gotten everything in place. And... if you miss some of your old papers, maybe you will find it there because I found papers I bought 4 years ago. :) What did I buy? Shrinking plastic, a cuttle bug-die and a fiskars edge cutter.