söndag 16 mars 2014

Tyra's pictures 2

Favorite TV-channel

House work


Another birthday present

Probably picture of TV.

Close up

Another gift.

Gifts mean trash.

souvenir shelf

close up of bag


art from behind

first selfie

söndag 2 mars 2014

Urban Exploring

Old oak

Beautiful pine forrest. Mysterious and calm.

Empty bed.

Cave in

Once there was a house here.

Beautiful rust.

Out of order.

lördag 1 mars 2014

My daughter's camera

My father gave his granddaughter a camera for her fifth birthday. She loves it!! I will try to put some of them up here as regularly as possible.

Tyra's first picture.
Through the window.

Nobody is safe.

Just one of many shots taken the first day.