måndag 23 juni 2014

Tyra's pictures from today.

Today we took a short roadtrip - to the next village. Here are some of Tyra's photos.

A bug.

An almost finished roof.

From the car. I like that her reflection is there.

The Parish House

A grave she liked.


She got frustrated that the strap got in the way.

So she took another one and had her finger in it instead.

Mommy took a picture of the door so Tyra took one of the window.

Again, mommy took a picture of the drainpipe.

The gates had to have a picture.

Green water on a small island.

And beautiful flowers where the old church used to be.

söndag 8 juni 2014

Buzzar Mjau Vaganza

Jag har under några veckor buzzat Mjau Vaganza och det har varit mycket trevligt. Dels fick jag så att mina egna två katter kunde prova såväl mjukmat som torrfoder och så fick jag så jag kunde ge bort precis lika mycket. Dess utom kunde jag ge bort små borstar, små rollers att ta bort päls och rabattkuponger. De jag har pratat med har varit mycket nöjda, även de med kräsna katter.